The power of concentrated expertise –

the de Gier & Co. Group.

The de Gier & Co. Group offers its customers a wide range of services supplemented by special programs for our customers, which we offer via our business units and subsidiaries.

250 projects

17,9 Bn. total transaction volume

7 years

8% average return on investment capital

The de Gier & Co. Sárl – the holding of the de Gier & Co. – was originally founded in 2007 in Berlin. It has set itself the goal to become involved in companies via long-term direct investments. Another focus is investment in tangible assets, as well as the company is more and more getting involved in long-term, social responsible projects.

To summarize: the de Gier & Co. is an independent financial investor with core divisions in private equity, securities, real estate, advisory and industrial investments.

In the context of the growth and internationalization strategy of the group the former holding was relocated to Luxembourg in the beginning of 2014. Due to this fact the group is currently present with offices in Luxembourg as well as in Germany. From an entrepreneurial point of view the de Gier & Co. Group is also active on the European Level.